Parcel Tax Update

The Zone 7 Advisory Board met on June 19th to discuss whether to recommend a parcel tax be placed on the November 2017 ballot. A parcel tax needs to be approved by 2/3's of the voters, and at this time, the AB does not think the proposed tax has that level of support. The Advisory Board will continue to outreach to the community about their flood protection needs and will continue to support staff efforts to pursue funding for projects to reduce flood risk in Santa Venetia.

Santa Venetia Town Hall Meeting with Supervisor Damon Connolly

View the presentation given at the June 5th Town Hall meeting here.

Zone 7 Facilities Work Together to Protect Santa Venetia

Santa Venetia Pump Station No. 5

Thanks to those who joined the Zone 7 Advisory Board at our Open House. If you couldn't make it, check out our poster that shows how flood control facilities work together to protect Santa Venetia. View the poster.

Gallinas Watershed Program

Zone 7 participated in the Gallinas Watershed Program to produce focused studies seeking solutions to reduce flood risk, increase local re-use of sediments, restore habitat, and increase resiliency to sea level rise. See the Gallinas Watershed Program webpage.

Zone 7 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting packets from 2008 on are available for online viewing and download. Link to packets.

Please contact the Zone Engineer to join the Zone 7 email notification list for meeting notices.

Survey Results

In February, we conducted an online survey to better understand community support for a potential revenue measure. Over 150 people have responded - thank you! View the results.

In June, we conducted a follow-up survey (online and by mail) in which we asked respondents what was the maximum annual parcel they would support. View the follow-up results.

Thanks to all who participated in these surveys!

Levee Inspections on Vendola Drive

Reinforced timber berms on Gallinas Creek during King Tides January 2017

Zone 7 regularly inspects the earthen levees and timber reinforced berms on private properties along Vendola Drive. With the proper Rights to Enter, the wooden floodwall structures are inspected, prioritized and repaired to maintain the structural integrity of the levee which is crucial to protecting Santa Venetia. For more information, contact Bené da Silva at (415) 473-6538.

View photos from a recent levee repair project.

Zone 7 Funding

Flood Control Zone 7 is funded via ad valorem taxes, but current budget projections show that Zone reserves are low and that current funding is not sufficient for operations and maintenance.

There is a history of parcel taxes in Zone 7 to supplement ad valorem funds. The Gallinas Watershed Program is assessing local support for a new parcel tax.

Zone 7 Fact Sheet

View of Gallinas Creek from San Pablo Bay

The Zone 7 fact sheet contains basic information about the Zone, including purpose, projects, funding, and advisory board. View the fact sheet.

Sea Level Rise

Homes near Santa Venetia Marsh Preserve during King Tides January 2017

All recent Zone studies have assessed potential impacts of SLR on Santa Venetia. The Lower Gallinas Creek Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment shows what may be in store.

Santa Venetia Dock Report

Santa Venetia dock in Gallinas Creek

Read the Gallinas Watershed Council's Dock Report to understand current issues and permit requirements for rehabbing docks on Gallinas Creek.

Living Behind Levees

So You Live Behind a Levee booklet coverWhat does it mean to live behind a levee? How much protection does a levee really provide? Read the So, You Live Behind a Levee! booklet to find out more.

Santa Venetia Interior Drainage Study

Map of stormwater infrastructure in Santa Venetia

The Santa Venetia Interior Drainage Study was funded by the Gallinas Watershed Program.

Final Draft Report
Figures (25 MB)

Las Gallinas Creek Levee Evaluation

Gallinas levee

The Levee Evaluation was a significant multi-year effort to understand the current condition of the levees and possible improvement alternatives. Read more about the evaluation.

Download reports related to the evaluation.

Read Community Meeting Comments and Responses.