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What's Happening Now

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Meetings for West Marin

The Marin County Community Development Agency will hold two workshops for the release of the C-SMART Public DRAFT Adaptation Report. June 8 in Point Reyes Station and June 14 in Stinson Beach.

Visit to review the report and for more information.

Stinson Beach Special Tax Election Final Results (March 2015)

2/3 needed to pass:

135 YES votes = 56.72%

103 NO votes = 43.28%

Thank you for your support of the watershed program.

Link to the official election results

The 20-year parcel tax would raise $250 per parcel per year for improved (developed) parcels and $50 per parcel per year for unimproved parcels.

Stinson Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Stinson Beach Fact Sheet

View the ballot language

View the resolution

Read the parcel tax basis memo

View the funding strategy


Are you Prepared?

Check out tips and information in the Winter is Coming brochure sent to all properties in Marin County that are in or near a flood-prone area. Sign up to get emergency alerts with

Real-Time Stream and Rainfall Gauges

Picture of a computer screen with rainfall graph

Stinson Beach Water District weather station

Sand and Sandbag Locations

The Sheriff's office maintains a list of locations for sandbags. Emergency Information

Manzanita Tidal Flooding

Flooding at Highway 101 and Highway 1 at Manzanita.Informational sheet on the flooding at Highway 101 at Highway 1 (Shoreline Highway). View it here.


Stinson Beach Watershed Program Flood Study and Alternatives Assessment

FINAL May 2014

This study evaluates the existing and possible future creek and floodplain conditions of Easkoot Creek in the community of Stinson Beach for flood conditions. Sediment and flows impact flooding and they have been evaluated with a range of alternatives identified by the community.

View online slideshow created to provide an introduction to the study and its findings.»

The study has been finalized as of May 2014 with all public comments incorporated. The final study is available for download.

Download the entire study.

Or download smaller sections:

Cover page to Chapter 7 (Key Findings)

Chapters 8 to 13 (Alternatives 1 to 6)

Chapters 14 to 17 (Alternatives 7 to 10)

Appendices A to C

Appendices D and E

Appendices F and G


Stinson Beach Flood Modeling Videos

The tan line represents the creek and water that overflows is shown in shades of blue that indicate water depth. (Dark = deep)

The flood study contains still images and details for every one of the alternatives.

Additional videos are archived in the library.


Combined Dredge South Bypass Compare Dec 05


Existing Conditions Dec 05


Existing Conditions 100 YR