Map of Southern Marin watershed

What's Happening Now

Mill Valley Watershed Video

Mill Valley Watershed Video

Sound Visions Media (Jeff Foster) and Sam Goldberger partnered to develop this video of the Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio Watershed. The footage was shot mostly from drones that allow the viewer to see what the watershed looks like from above and how water moves through the community. Click the image above to watch the video.

Southern Marin Watershed Guide

Cover page of the Southern Marin Watershed Guide

The Southern Marin Watershed Guide is available for download.

Southern Marin Draft Project List

A draft project list is an appendix to the Watershed Guide. The list is intended to be a working list that reflects our best knowledge based on a review of studies and reports that have been completed, but never constructed. We expect to revise this list with input from the public at Flood Control Zone and public meetings in the future.



Cove Stormwater Pump Station and Collection System Hydrology and Hydraulic Study

After an extended public comment period, the District has just completed an assessment of the Cove Pump Station located in the Cove Shopping Center in Tiburon. The Cove Stormwater Pump Station and Collection System Hydrology and Hydraulic Study has been finalized and posted here. If you have any questions regarding this Study, please contact Scott McMorrow at 415-473-2918, or via email

District staff received questions from the public regarding the Cove Pump Station Study during the extended public comment period. Based on these questions, and other public comments received, staff created a Cove Pump Station FAQ which can be found here.

Cove Pump Station Report

Appendix A - Data Sources

Appendix B - LiDAR Metadata

Appendix C - Rainfall Design Pattern

Appendix D - Hydrology Methodology Memorandum

Appendix E - Percent Impervious

Appendix F - CCTV Inspections

Appendix G - Pump Station Assessment Reports

Appendix H - Pump Curves

Appendix I - CIP Cost Breakdown

Appendix J - Gage Data

Manzanita Flooding Update

The Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District is working with Caltrans to develop flood reduction strategies for the Manzanita area. These strategies would include short, medium and long term flood mitigation solutions to the persistent flooding issues at the Manzanita parking area and Shoreline highway. For more information, please click here to read the Manzanita Tidal Flooding Informational Sheet.

Bothin Marsh Enhancement Grant

Marin DPW and Parks have been awarded a $25,000 grant to develop a feasibility level assessment plans for the local beneficial reuse of dredge sediment from Coyote Creek to enhace Bothin Marsh for habitat and sea level rise adaptation. The grant will fund conceptual design alternatives and estimated costs including an evaluation of the constructability and permitting issues for Bothin Marsh. A draft report will be available in December 2015.











Real-Time Stream and Rainfall Gauges

Picture of a computer screen with rainfall graph

Richardson Bay Shoreline Study

Coyote Creek on a sunny day near the top of the levee from high tide.

The study evaluates flooding impacts along the shoreline under future sea level rise scenarios and discusses a range of potential alternatives to reduce flooding and increase shoreline resilience. Read the study

Assistance for Landowners

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The Landowner Help section has resources for landowners related to gardens, native plants, construction, and projects around the home. Landowner Help