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What's Happening Now

Fish Passage Program

San Geronimo Creek

Restoring fish passage through County structures remains a high priority for Marin County Public Works. Since 2005, eleven barrier removal projects have been completed and three more are awaiting construction funding.

Learn more about the Fish Passage Program.

Read about completed fish passage projects.

Photo: Fish passage and habitat restoration on San Geronimo Creek in Woodacre (2016).



San Geronimo Valley Landowner Resources

A wealth of information specifically for Valley residents is available for download. The San Geronimo Valley Landowner Resources packet includes information about salmon and steelhead, planting, erosion control, stormwater and rainwater management, and links to additional resources. Click here to view the information.

pdf San Geronimo Valley Parcels within the Stream Conservation Area

pdf San Geronimo Valley Existing Conditions Report

pdf Final Salmon Enhancement Plan (SEP) 5.7 MB

pdf SEP Appendices 9 MB

pdf SEP Maps and Graphics 10.3 MB

Landowner Assistance Program Restoration Projects

Fish and Wildlife Grant proposal funded!

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For information about Marin County watersheds, please visit our Watershed Explorer.

Watershed descriptions contain information on watershed history, present land use, biology, and watershed processes. More on the Tomales Bay watershed.